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Vintage Smiths Automotive Clock

Vintage Smiths Automotive Clock

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In the heart of British craftsmanship lies a piece of history: the iconic Smiths automotive clock, a cherished relic of the mid-20th century. Picture the sleek lines of vintage cars, the wind in your hair as you cruise down an open road, and at the center of it all, this elegant timepiece.

Crafted by Smiths, a name synonymous with precision, these clocks adorned the dashboards of British and European vehicles, embodying both form and function. The one before me boasts a timeless chrome casing and a surround carved from Native NZ Totara, a marriage of aesthetics from different corners of the globe.

As the story goes, this particular clock once graced the dashboard of a 1940s Aston Martin, a star in its own right, immortalized in the filming of Ian Fleming's Goldfinger back in 1965. Can you imagine the tales it could tell from those days on set, witnessing the glamour and intrigue of the silver screen?

But there's more to this chronicle. The very timber that frames this clock holds a secret of its own. Salvaged during the refurbishment of the Auckland Ferry Terminal, it's a piece of New Zealand's maritime history given a new life, encircling a relic of British automotive elegance.

And yes, it still ticks with the grace of bygone eras. A simple wind, and off it goes, ticking in harmony with the rhythms of the road. It's more than a clock; it's a piece of time-travel, a connection to an era when driving was an art, and style was an essential companion on every journey. So wind it up, let the hands dance, and let the stories of the past unfurl as you embark on your own adventure through time.


Measurements: 230mm High x 200mm Wide x  90mm Deep. 

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