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Vintage Smiths Automotive Clock

Vintage Smiths Automotive Clock

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In the annals of vintage automotive elegance, Smiths clocks have etched their mark—a true relic from the early to mid-20th century, gracing the dashboards of British and European vehicles of yore. The epitome of form meeting function, these timeless timekeepers boast a chrome casing that gleams with a nostalgic allure. Wrapped in a Native NZ Rewa Rewa embrace, they exude a sense of worldly sophistication.

Picture this: a classic piece, weathered by time yet retaining its functionality. This very clock, a jewel of automotive history, whispers tales of its past. Word has it, it once adorned the dashboard of a 1930s Jaguar, a chariot once cherished by the Sultan of Brunei. The resonance of those roaring engines still seems to echo within its mechanical heart.

But that's not all. The aura of this relic is further amplified by its surround—a piece of salvaged timber from the grand refurbishment of the Queen Mary 2. The melding of histories, the convergence of tales, is encapsulated in this humble timepiece.

To own and wind this marvel is to beckon an era long past. Its gears and springs, once set in motion, come alive and transport you through the sands of time. Just wind it up, and off you go—a voyage to the golden age of motoring, encapsulated in the hands of this distinguished Smiths clock.

Measurements: 170mm High x 260mm Wide x 60mm Deep. 

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