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Sterling Silver & Mother Of Pearl Pocket Knife

Sterling Silver & Mother Of Pearl Pocket Knife

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Presenting an exquisite Antique Sterling Silver Fruit Knife with Engraved Mother of Pearl handle, a true testament to the craftsmanship and elegance of a bygone era. This intricately designed fruit knife combines the timeless beauty of sterling silver with the delicate allure of mother of pearl.

The handle of this fruit knife is crafted from lustrous mother of pearl, showcasing its natural iridescence and captivating color variations. Delicately engraved patterns and intricate detailing adorn the surface of the handle, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement to the overall design. The blade of the knife is made from high-quality sterling silver, renowned for its durability and distinctive shine. 

The combination of sterling silver and engraved mother of pearl creates a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. With its timeless appeal and exquisite craftsmanship, this piece is a great addition to any antique silverware collection or a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate the beauty of vintage treasures. 

Measurements: 110mm Long x 12mm Wide. 

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