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9ct Antique New Zealand Kia Ora Shield Fob

9ct Antique New Zealand Kia Ora Shield Fob

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This 9ct New Zealand Antique Shield Fob is from the Victorian era and is considered a New Zealand heritage collectable item.

A mourning fob is a piece of jewellery or accessory traditionally worn as a symbol of mourning. During the Victorian era, mourning practices were quite common, and people would wear specific clothing and accessories to publicly display their grief after the loss of a loved one.

This mourning fob comprises a black ribbon, a decorative gold-plated Kia Ora shield, and a 9ct gold-capped Mako shark tooth. I believe this piece is circa 1910 and may have something to do with WW1 and the loss of a NZ Soldier—possibly a Maori Pioneer Battalion.

 The featured shark tooth may be in reference to the proverb. "Kaua e Mate Wheke, Me Mate Ururoa" translates to  "Do not die like an Octopus, die like a Hammerhead shark".  These fobs served as a remembrance of the departed and were worn to express grief and respect. 

Measurements: 250mm Long x 20mm Wide.


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