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Liberty & Co Japanese Occasional Table

Liberty & Co Japanese Occasional Table

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Liberty and Co, a renowned London store established in 1875, was a pioneer in importing and promoting Asian art and decorative items during the late 1800s and early 1900s. They were known for importing high-quality Eastern silks, textiles, ceramics, and other artistic goods, particularly from Japan and China. These imports greatly influenced the Arts and Crafts movement, bringing Oriental design and aesthetics to the forefront of Western taste.

This antique hand carved hardwood Japanese occasional side table is an exquisite piece showcasing masterful craftsmanship. The table is adorned with intricately carved lotus flowers, capturing the essence of elegance and nature. The delicate detailing in the carving brings the flowers to life, creating a beautiful and harmonious design that reflects the beauty and symbolism of lotus flowers in Japanese culture. The rich, dark tones of the hardwood further enhance the aesthetic appeal, making this table a stunning addition to any space.

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