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Antique Japanese Satsuma Vase

Antique Japanese Satsuma Vase

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Introducing our exquisite Large Satsuma Vase, a true testament to timeless craftsmanship and artistic elegance. This stunning piece is adorned with intricate gilded gold enamel and features a meticulously crafted slip glaze, exemplifying the attention to detail of its creators.

This vase bears the mark attributed to the late Showa or Taisho period, which spanned from 1910 to 1930—a historically significant time encompassing events such as World War I. Within its elegant design, you'll discover finely rendered depictions of Large Immortals and serene mountains, capturing the essence of that era's aesthetics and cultural influences.

Standing at an impressive 265mm in height and 170mm in width, this vase is not just a decorative piece but a striking work of art that will enhance any space. Its presence adds a touch of history and sophistication to your collection or living area, inviting you to appreciate the artistry and cultural significance of a bygone era.

Bring the elegance and charm of the past into your present with our Large Satsuma Vase—a collector's treasure and a testament to the enduring appeal of fine craftsmanship.


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