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Antique 9ct Greenstone Heart with Kiwi

Antique 9ct Greenstone Heart with Kiwi

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This antique greenstone heart comes with a 9ct gold bail and features intaglio kiwi and cabbage tree.

Intaglio is a form of artistic engraving or carving where the design is cut into the surface of a material, creating a recessed pattern and a three-dimensional appearance. In the context of jewellery, intaglio designs are often found on gemstones, such as cameos carved into onyx or agate. Intaglio carvings can depict various subjects, ranging from mythological figures and portraits to intricate patterns and symbols, adding an artistic and historical touch to the jewelry piece. The art of intaglio has been practiced for centuries and continues to be appreciated for its intricate craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

Greenstone, also known as jade or pounamu, holds immense cultural significance in Maori culture, representing strength, protection, and connection to the land. The heart-shaped pendant showcases a delicate intaglio carving of a Kiwi bird, which is New Zealand's national symbol, and a cabbage tree, a native plant of the region.

The use of 9ct gold for the bail adds a touch of elegance and complements the greenstone beautifully. This unique combination of materials and craftsmanship creates a stunning and meaningful piece of wearable art that embodies the spirit of New Zealand's natural beauty and cultural heritage. As an antique, it likely carries historical value and may be sought after by collectors and individuals appreciative of its cultural significance and artistic appeal. 

Measurements: 53mm High x 53mm Wide. 

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